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Here is a list of frequently asked questions. these may help answer a few of your questions before we meet at our 'Getting to know U' consultation in the comfort of your own home...

Q Can i/we meet you beforehand?

A Yes absolutely, this is required before any walks take place as there is paperwork & consent forms to be completed & signed. This will be arranged & completed in the comfort of your own home where we can discuss everything.

Q Do you collect & drop off? 

Yes, we sure do.

Q How long is the walk?

A The walk time is for the time allocation slot requested. Your furry friend (potentially) will be with us longer than the allocation time, due to collections and drop offs.

Q Do you have company insurance? 
A Yes, everyone at LONG LEADS is covered by Insurance so your furry friends are all in safe hands. We have also been DBS checked.

Q How many dogs do you walk at once? 

A All our insurances allow us to walk a maximum of 6 dogs in one walk.

Q Do I need to supply you with anything?

No, not unless you want to. We have plenty of water, poo bags, towels, treats & leads.

Q How will my furry friend be transported?

A Should your furry friend need transporting for their walk, they will be tucked away safely in one of the company vehicles, either in a crate or with doggie seat-belts for their safety. All vehicles used have the correct insurance for this transportation.

Q How do I pay? 

A You can pay by either Cash or Bank transfer.

Q How do I cancel a booked walk?

A We respectably ask you to advise us with a minimum of 48 hours notice (regular bookings) or 24 hours notice (adhoc bookings). To avoid any cancellation fees.

Q Am I able to swap days around?

A Yes of course, this will be all dependent on availability. The more notice given the better. However, we appreciate life doesn't always work this way. Please ask & we will do everything possible to accommodate you & your furry friend.

Q Where do you walk?

This really all depends on where our last pick up is for pack walks or for solo walks in the area you live. All walks are in Ashford & are in safe & stimulating environments.

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